Path You Choose is an interactive website meant to help you determine your direction post-college. Question, explore and discover what path will lead to your fulfillment and happiness.  Path You Choose has three primary areas: Professional Path, Unconventional Path, and General Guidance.  Within each area, there are blog posts, articles, and useful websites.  Path You Choose is unique in that this website is interactive and encourages participation.  Post in the forum, reply to sticky threads and get your voice heard.  The world is broad, and the choices are limitless, but you are not alone: Path You Choose is there to help.


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Miscarriages-Changing The Dialogue

“Oh no, did you drink during your pregnancy?  Is that why you had a miscarriage?” This was one of the first but not the last asinine questions I received when I had my miscarriage.  From friends not acknowledging what happened to those that made genuinely offensive comments, the stigma and silence that surround miscarriage perpetuate …

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Asking Questions to Help Guide Your Career Path

Regardless of age, people struggle to find their path throughout their lives. We live in a wonderfully special time where we can question ourselves and our destiny’s and truly posit, “what is my calling.”   The dichotomy of passion and responsibility play a tug of war in our career choices prolonging our internal battle.  This virtuous …

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Making Decisions Can be TOUGH

Choosing a path is all about making hard decisions. With each decision made, doors open but alternatively other doors close.  It can be scary to change your path and to make a choice that could have inexorable impacts on your life.  While making choices is intimidating, some tools can be used to help guide your decisions. …

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