Dating After College

College boys are awesome. They pretend they are Peter Pan living in Never Never Land and that life will never catch up with them. Beer drinking, bong smoking and drinking game dominating are central elements to their “meaningful existence.”  They attend class when they must and major in meaningful future-oriented topics such as underwater basket weaving (no this major does not actually exist). But, these guys are awesome! They always know of a party and ensure you and your friends have a fun time. They are the first numbers you text when looking for a night out and usually don’t let you down. Their beer pong game is on point, and they are on a first name basis with the bar tenders at all the cool spots. But… what happens after college?

Once graduation happens, the real world opens and this wonder guy who fascinated you by his gregarious nature is now living off mommy and daddy with zero ambition. His ability to get you into bars no longer makes you want to have a “sleep over”, and Thirsty Thursday, Wasted Wednesday, Tipsy Tuesday and Marg Monday have been replaced by needing to pay your bills and college loans. Don’t get me wrong, Friday, Saturday and even the occasional Sunday Funday are alive and very well. So, what do you do, and how do you determine if your perfect beer pong partner is the man for you?

Dating after college is hard and yet oh so fun. However, it’s important to think through who you are and who you want to be. The college you was all about getting your school work done and having fun, great that’s college. But, the future career women you, what is she about?  Will “Johnny Beer Pong” really be the father of your kids? This doesn’t mean to completely turn your back on the fun and go for the boring snooze fest, no thank you! However, it’s important to view dating different since after college you are looking for different things.

Ponder what your future ambitions are and who will help you get there? Then, don’t be afraid to be alone while discovering who this new after college you is. Once you feel ready to date, HAVE FUN with it! Dating should not be a chore! Date online, hit on that cutie at the bar/restaurant/coffee shop, and for heaven’s sake PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE! Look at who is around you and don’t be afraid to say hi to that hottie you see on the street, you never know where it will go… Dating apps are awesome, were designed for a reason, open them up and make sure to have fun with it. Try to enjoy meeting new people and the thrill of the unknown. Worst case scenario you’ll have a fun story to tell your friends.

So go out, date, enjoy yourself, and discover who the post college you is and what type of plus one you are looking for. The articles and dating apps provided are a great place to start.

Happy dating. XOXO

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