A Place To Lay Your Head

You were living in a house with your friends while you were in college, or you moved in with your parents regardless it is that time for you to find that place called home. There are a couple of key things to determine: where do you want to live, how much do you want to spend, who do you want to live with.

Where do you want to live- do you want to live by where you work or where you play? There are certainly advantages to either of them, but I tend to be of the mentality that living where you play is a hell of a lot more fun when you are young. You have plenty of time to live in suburbia-ville, why not live close to the city while you can, or at least somewhere near public transportation? You will have plenty of time to live in a good school district with a white picket fence and 2.5 (national average) children. There are a lot of great places to live around the city and awesome websites to help you find that dream home, look at some of the resources provided.

How much do you want to spend- while spending a lot of money on an awesome place might seem like a great idea, it really is not. You don’t want to be house poor, this is not a good look on anyone. Living in a great place, but accumulating credit card debt and living off ramen is not fun, settle for that mediocre place in the alright location that you can comfortably afford=#adulting. This also leads to question number three….

Who do you want to live with- living alone is more expensive. If you want to save money, live with a roommate. This can also lead to a new friend and some fun experiences. You can live with a friend or search for a rando to live with, the choice is yours. If you live with a friend be aware that your best friend might not make the best roommate, use caution.

Explore, have fun, find that balance of awesome and affordability and enjoy adulting in your new place.

Happy apartment/home/condo searching!


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