Our Motto

Your future, your choice. What path will you choose?

Our Approach

Path You Choose provides a community and resources to aid those going through a transitional phase in their life. Questioning is encouraged and exploration is pivotal. Path You Choose is here for you whether you are a recent college graduate or a 20-year work force veteran exploring career and life options.

There are a plethora of resources available, and Path You Choose puts the resources at your fingertips to make educated decisions about your path. Everyone has a different story and we are here to help build it.

There are three primary areas to the website: Professional Path, Unconventional Path, and General Guidance. Within all categories there are useful articles, websites providing resources, blog posts, and forums. Post in the forum either through the sticky threads or by creating your own thread.

If there is something you would like to see on the website please leave a comment or send an email. This website is for you: the one discovering their path in life.

Our Story

For many of us, our paths are relatively uncomplicated until college graduation. We go to high school, graduate from high school, and go to college. The biggest decision we make is where we are going to college, and what we are going to study. And then… BOOM... you graduate from college and the world opens up. The options are limitless and there is difficulty determining the correct next move.

Which job do you pursue? Do you go to graduate school? How do you meet new friends? What’s happening with your relationship? There are so many questions and this is the reason for Path You Choose!

Meet the Team

Cheris Pic

Cheris Kline Berlinberg

I graduated from college and wasn’t quite ready for the 8-5 grind. For two years I had adventures and enjoyed working unconventional jobs. I worked as a Ski Instructor and was an Art Auctioneer on cruise ships. The experiences were amazing! I feel blessed that I ventured off of my traditional path and was able to learn about myself and my strengths. My path is continuously changing and evolving as I grow and learn about myself.

 Presently, I work in Healthcare IT and am pursuing a doctorate degree in Healthcare Leadership.

Adam Pic

Adam Berlinberg

I graduated from college, applied to medical school and received a rejection letter. I stayed in my college town, worked in a laboratory and improved my medical school application. After two remarkable post-college years, I was accepted into medical school.  My journey to becoming a doctor was not the traditional path I originally planned to follow. Question, explore and discover where your way will take you.
I am presently a board-certified Internal Medicine physician and am a Rheumatology fellow.

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