As a working man and woman living in the modern world, parenthood is viewed as a choice and not an obligation.  Thus, it is worth pontificating if “mommy and daddy” is the right title for you, and if so when is the right time to have a baby.  Choosing to bring another life into the world is a VERY big decision that will have profound impacts on your personal, financial and professional life.


Articles On Deciding to Have a Baby

Quizzes To Help Decide Whether to Have a Baby

When in doubt why not take an internet quiz, or five, to help you determine if now is the right time to have a baby.  In reality, your reaction to your results will be more telling then what the internet oracle tells you.


If quizzes aren’t your style, maybe a simple checklist will suffice.  The below expertly created checklists can help you identify if you’re ready for the baby way of life.


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