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Wanting a career change is basically the curse of being in your mid-twenties, late twenties, and thirties. You’ve been working in a field, you kind of like your job, but oh the grass is oh so green on the other side.  Career changes are super-duper intimidating and yet could be just the thing for you. Sticking at something because been there, done that is never good.  But, the devil that you know might still be better than the one you don’t.  

The constant millennial search for something better can result in discontentment and unease.  Changing careers can be the medicinal cure for your job woes or result in additional suffering.  Before completely changing your career, pontificate if it merely is your job that you don’t like.  If your manager happens to be a jerk, don’t jump ship, change managers.  It is a lot easier to switch jobs in the same field than to completely modify your career. Look within your company and determine if there are any opportunities you’d like to pursue within your current organization.  If your company culture is causing discontentment to look for jobs with a competitor in the same industry. 

If you determine that a career change is required, be mindful of how you pursue the change.  If additional education is necessary for your new field, talk to people in the industry you are exploring.  Ask if you can shadow someone for a day and interview multiple people to see if the job will bring joy to your life.  Identify what it is that you don’t like about your current situation and make sure that those things will be remedied in your new pursuit.  It is career suicide to search for the better option continually; your resume will be a jigsaw puzzle, and it will be groundhogs day repeatedly for entry-level work.   

Sometimes discontentment that you associate with your employment can be stemming from something else.  Write down what you don’t like about your current job and what you would like changed.  If these things are changeable from a vocation switch, great go for it.  However, there is a chance what you are unhappy about can be improved by getting involved with a nonprofit or expanding your social group.  Remember, a job is just one part of your life and should not define your entire existence. 

There are times when a career change is just the ticket.  It is essential to question, explore and determine how your impressive skills and talents will be best utilized.  However, I caution to be very judicial before making a move because once you leave a job, it is not guaranteed that you can get it back. 

Explore, discover what career is best for you and take advantage of having many years to find your path.  Be careful, be tactful, and kick ass in the professional world! 

Happy career exploring! 


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