You’ve determined that the timing is right and that your career will benefit from graduate school now, so it’s the time to choose what school is right for you. There are a ton of different graduate schools available and many different options of how to attend school. Read the articles and utilize the resources to help narrow the options in choosing the right graduate school.  

Resources For Selecting a Graduate School

Tools To Help You Pick a Graduate School

  • Grad School Match:
    • This is a super cool website that makes looking for graduate school easy. Don’t have this website be your end all be all BUT take the time, fill out the information and explore the schools they suggest. It truly only takes a few minutes to fill out the questionnaire they provide and the results are exceptionally awesome! In addition, they provide you with a list of graduate schools that fit your exact requirements and detail additional information about the programs to help you select the right one.
  • US News:
    • The 2019 US News Best Graduate Schools ranking highlights the country's exceptional graduate school programs and can be a useful guide in choosing the right graduate school. Once you know what you want to study check out the list of the top ranked schools in your area.
  • Grad School Hub:
    • Grad School Hub has a lot of great resources for finding the right graduate school for you. This link will take you to a page detailing the best graduate schools in a variety of different categories. However, I advise you to avoid the “find a degree” search as the results are sponsored and super jaded towards for profit universities.
  • Avoid:
    • This site seems too easy and well…that’s because it is. Do not waste your time filing out the form detailing the type of school you are interested in attending. Sponsored schools will be provided and your information will only be sent to for profit schools with low admission requirements. In addition, upon filling out the information about what I was looking for, I received phone calls from Colorado Technical University, Grand Canyon University and North Central University. Something tells me there are other graduate schools for Healthcare Administration than those 3…  don’t waste your time.


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