Friends Through Life

In college it is super easy to meet friends, ain’t it just dandy? You go to class, randomly sit next to someone. You discuss the upcoming assignment and what a drag Mr. Jones is and then boom, before you know it you’re playing flip cup together at Sig Ep. College is a huge unifier and produces something in common that forces you to interact with those going through a similar life phase. You have hundreds or thousands of people who can easily relate to you that you interact with on a daily/weekly basis.

Then after college… maybe you move back to your hometown and you pick up with your high school crew. You might discover that Sara was super fun in high school but now she sucks the big one. Or Billy who was always down for everything, is now a whoopsie daddy of two that you have nothing in common with. So… you’re basically at square one. You have co-workers who you are “friendly” with but none of them are going to be your confidantes. Another, equally common situation- you move to a new town for a job. You are literally the only person you know for hundreds of miles, so its time to start friend searching.

Thanks to the internet, friend searching or as I call it, “dating for friends” is not as bad as it once was. There are some awesome online sites and apps dedicated to helping you not be that person sitting alone at trivia night. Let’s be honest, if you have a team of one and other people have six you will never win the gift certificate to the bar…

Don’t be afraid to make a profile on the different meet friends sites and go out and search for that bestie. Also, get out and about. You will never meet anyone in your apartment. Go to an alumni bar/ event for your college. Cheer on your favorite sports team at the “official bar”.  If you sit at the bar worst case scenario, you are gabbing it up with the bartender. Go to meet up events, join Facebook groups and be a part of your local community. Volunteer for organizations that are meaningful to you and sign up for interesting classes and work out groups.  The more active you are, the higher the chance is you’ll be happy and even meet someone.

Also… don’t be reticent to tell people that you are looking to meet people.  People are super open and friendly to those who express vulnerability and will most likely help you out.  While the friend setup might be uncomfortable, it can also pay off. If someone knows, “a friend from college who moved to your town,” what are you waiting for? Get the digits and go out for a beer.

Have fun, meet awesome friends who you want to chill with and enjoy your new found adult freedom. Be social, spend obscene amounts of time watching Netflix, hang out with your adorable cats, it’s up to you.  The key is to do what makes you happy.

Happy Friending!  XOXO

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