The key to finding a job after college that is not completely entry level: internship, internship, internship. Having an internship is like eating at the buffet, you can sample a variety of things without fully committing and having to order something. Prior to ordering the pizza which eliminates your ability to order that equally appealing steak, take a sample of the pizza and see if it even tastes good. Having internships enables you to try a variety of jobs without having your resume look like a jigsaw puzzle composed of tiny little pieces not amounting to much of anything. If the internship is one month, two months, six months, whatever, it all looks good and is experience that is supposed to be more short-term. If you have a job and only keep the job for a month, this does not speak well for you as an employee nor does it help your resume in any way.

To find a good internship, start with your college/university career center and search for available internships. If none of these internships sound good, there are a ton of different websites that feature awesome internships that can pay you, enable you to get experience and help you figure out what job you want to have. Check out for a list of web sites that can help you find a good internship.  Even if you have already graduated and been out of school for a long time it is not too late to work as an intern to see if you want to explore entering a new field. It is much better to get a small bite of that pizza and learn that it is not for you prior to ordering an entire pie that you must throw out; that is just wasteful. Even better, if you have an internship and like what you are doing, there is a good chance the company will hire you on for a full-time position. Once the company has taken the time to train you as an intern and you show them how awesome and talented you are they will want to keep you if they have an opening.

Go out get an internship, explore different fields, question what you want to do, learn and grow.

Happy interning!


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