The key to interviewing is to sell yourself.  Dress professional, hide your tattoos, color your hair a traditional color, and do everything in your power to stack the odds in your favor.  Wear a business suit and closed toed shoes.  Bring a copy of your resume and research the company.  Know details about the business and if you have the names of who is interviewing you, find out as much information about them as possible.  Doing homework before interviewing shows interest and will help you land the job. 

While you might be in your twenties, act like you’re forty.  By this, I mean channel your mature inner adult.  Do not use slang, do not cuss, do not slouch, don’t wear a lot of makeup, or bright clothes.  Address your interviewers as ma’am and sir.  Shake hands upon entering the room with everyone that is present, and thank them for meeting with you.  

Typically, when interviewing you will have multiple interviews before getting hired. The first interview is usually a phone interview and will be with a recruiter.  The second interview might be with your department, and the third with higher managers.  After every interview send an email thank you (within 2 hours) and mail a written thank you note.  The thank you note sent through snail mail is the perfect thing to really make you stand out.  In the letters, express your continued interest in the job and mention why you would be an exemplary employee. 

There is a fine art to be a great interviewer, sell yourself.  Assess what the company’s needs are and why they are hiring for your position.  Tune your answers, so they fit with the company’s desires.  For example: if the company is fast paced and they are looking for someone that can work on multiple projects at once you should “slip in” how great you are at multi-tasking.  All the answers you provide should portray you in a positive light.  Never share anything negative about yourself or your past/present employer.  Bashing your current employer during an interview makes you seem like a dramatic jerk.  Be professional, show you have control, and ensure that all answers reflect how mature and impressive you are. 

Even if the job is not your ideal, it is better to give yourself the option of turning down the position than to not be rejected.  Treat every interview like it is your dream job and ensure your interviewer knows how interested you are in the position. Choices are a good thing and options can lead to being able to negotiate your salary. 

Have fun, sell yourself and enjoy learning about new jobs. 

Happy interviewing! 


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