Meeting friends post college can be challenging and the task can be daunting. Read the articles and use the resources to help find your new bestie and post college squad.

Articles on How to Make Friends After College


  • Bumble BFF:
    • This is just like using bumble for dating, except that you can use it to make friends.
  • Meet Up:
    • Tons of awesome meetup groups provide a great opportunity to try fun activities while meeting new people. If you love rock climbing join the rock climbing meet up group. Therefore, you name the hobby/activity, there is probably a meet up group for people with this interest.
  • Next Door:
    • Allows you to connect with people who live in your neighborhood. You can find activities in your neighborhood or solicit for buds to go boarding with. In sum, the key is you are able to interact with those who live in your hood.
  • Peanut:
    • An app specifically designed for women who are expecting or already have children. The site allows you to, “Meet as mama’s.  Connect as women.”  If you’re bloated and tired and want someone to commiserate with you and share that pint of ice cream that you are constantly craving, download Peanut ASAP.
  • Skout:
    • Skout has millions of users all over the world and allows you to connect with people anywhere you go. Skout can be used for both friendships and romantic rendezvous. If you’re in Rome and looking for someone to go for a nice walk, why not look for a bud or budding romance on Skout?
  • Meet My Dog:
    • Meet my dog is essentially a dating app for your pup. You can set your dog up on a play date and make friends with the owner in the process. Why not, use your best dog to find a new pal?
  • Meet Me:
    • Meetme is dedicated to enabling people to meet, chat and have fun with new friends or to find new romances where you live. The website and app are super easy to use, and makes meeting new people painless and even fun.
  • Facebook:
    • Yes, most people have a Facebook account, so why not use your Facebook to meet new people? By simply searching Facebook groups, “ Meet new friends______”, you have the ability to engage with people that are also new to the city and wanting friends.

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