Love in the Digital Age

Finding love in the digital age post college adds an additional level of complication.  We aren’t restricted to only those in our circle, but have access to many eligible beaus thru the internet and online dating.  We have information overload with tons of options and choices, and a lot of frogs disguised as princes.  

Prior to finding my husband, I went on a lot of dates with a lot of people who were wonderful, enjoyable but not for me.  I had been online dating for two months and aggressively using the system.  I called my method “blitz dating”.  I would allow myself only 8 weeks at a time to online date and during this time I would give it my all.  8 weeks was the cutoff to make sure things weren’t getting stale, keep things fresh, and make sure this wasn’t too all encompassing.  I would initiate dates, set my search criteria to exactly what I was looking for, and message the men who interested me.  I would not send more than two messages prior to establishing a date and quickly determined if the first date should be the only date.  I was not wanting to waste my time nor theirs with something that was not right.

After two months of being online and having dating as my second full-time job, I was about to deactivate my OKC account when I received a message.  The username was not unique nor was his message, but I was intrigued and wanted to know more.  With the romantic message of, “hey, not a lot of us Jews on here…”, my life changed.  We had a ton of mutual friends and similar goals and aspirations.  He was good-looking and seemed too good to be true.  Upon first meeting him I knew he was different, we had a connection.  Like the adage goes, “when you know you know.” 

I had always gone for gregarious individuals and he was more reserved in his mannerisms.  While this had not originally been what I was drawn towards, I discovered it was exactly what I needed.  This is important because many people have a type and do not go beyond their type of person; this is a huge mistake.

I am married to a man who I am thankful for every day of my life and I feel truly blessed.  Find your beau, keep your mind open, and take responsibility for your future.  Take advantage of being able to expand your social network and meet people you would not find in real life.  My husband went to the same college as me and even attended a social event at my house.  We lived in the same neighborhood after-college, and yet we never would have met without online dating.

This is my story of how I found love in the digital age, may you find yours.


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