Making Decisions Can be TOUGH

Choosing a path is all about making hard decisions. With each decision made, doors open but alternatively other doors close.  It can be scary to change your path and to make a choice that could have inexorable impacts on your life.  While making choices is intimidating, some tools can be used to help guide your decisions.

Life Hacker lays out 4 Tricks to Make Any Difficult Decision ( The “tricks” identified are easy to follow and include: pretending you’re advising a friend, creating a spreadsheet to help visualize the big picture, making yourself slow down and forcing you to second guess your assumptions and limiting the amount of information you are trying to process.

Another simple tool is to picture your ideal self in five-years-time. Will this decision fit into your image? Will the “future you” be benefited by this choice?

If all else fails-flip a coin- heads is one decision, tails is another. Based on your feelings on the outcome, you will help see which choice your inner-self truly wants. If heads mean that you take the job and once the coin lands on heads, you are disappointed; you should not take the position.  Our guts and intuition know a thing or two, it’s essential to listen to what they are trying to tell you.

Don’t procrastinate. Pragmatically approach the decision, keeping in mind that action is always better than inaction.  Own the decision and feel empowered in the ability to make choices that impact your life.


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