Mountain Living

Moving to the mountains after college was a dream come true!  I had always wanted to live in the mountains and ski five days a week, and finally, after college, I was able to pursue my dream.  I skied over 100 days and had a phenomenal time!  Oh… and I had no injuries and didn’t blow out my knee #winning.

People move to the mountains because they want to be there.  Rarely does someone’s career ambition require them to live in a ski town.  People live near a ski mountain because they love the sport, nature, and tend to want to have a good time.  The allure can have a never-never land effect, and result in people YOLOing their days away.  There is always something to do, and typically it involves either working out, alcohol, and often doing both at the same time.

The adage goes that people move to the mountains for the winter and stay for the summer, and there is some definite truth to this.  The winters are incredible, but the summers are genuinely magical.  The town quiets down in the summertime, and the local community comes together.  I highly recommend moving to the mountains for at least an entire year to get the full experience.

Dating in mountain towns is very unique.  While the guy-girl ratio is favorable to the women, it is quantity over quality for eligible men.  While some mountain men are catches, others find showering optional and think ambition is a four-letter word.  However, if hairy men who love flannel is your thing, the mountains are the perfect place for you!  You can literally walk into the bar in a snow hat straight from the hills and get hit on left and right.  Nothing says confidence boost like getting swarmed by eligible men at a local mountain bar!

I absolutely loved living in the mountains and teaching skiing, and highly recommend it!  I had a phenomenal time and learned a lot about myself.  When I was leaving the mountains to move back to the city, I could barely see as I was crying so hard.  Mountain living is terrific, addicting and hard to leave.  I met people that to this day are some of my best friends, and have memories that make me smile.

I now live in a world of traffic, meetings and am surrounded by people who don’t necessarily love their lives.  If you can move to the mountains, do it, but set a definite leave date.  If not, you might just find yourself still there in 20 years never having planned to teach skiing for your life.

Happy mountain living!



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