Post College Job Hunt

So… you just graduated from college, woo hoo!  Welcome to the wide world of options and choices. For many of us our paths are relatively linear. We go to high school and from a young age know that we will go to college. The question isn’t if you’re going to college, it’s simply where you are going and what you are going to study. These two things, where you are going to school and what you are studying, are the two largest choices you will make along your path until you graduate from college for many people. And then… BOOM, the world opens, your graduation tassel is hanging from your rearview mirror, and the choices are endless.

Your mom and dad are encouraging you to “get a job”. But what does that mean?? What job do YOU want to get? The choices are limitless, and the paths you can choose are virtually endless. Does your path need to be linear for you to be successful? Hell to the no. Most of the world’s most successful people have ventured, wandered, discovered who they are and lived life to the fullest prior to finding their true calling, at least I hope this is true. Life is long, we have a very long time to discover what path if right for us. You are young, you have options, take advantage of them.

In our parent’s days they got jobs and the expectation was that they would have those same jobs in 20-30 years and then would retire. For our generation many people have multiple different careers prior to finding something that they believe is their calling. Other people don’t pursue their calling in their vocation, but have a job that allows them to pursue their true passion, which is also super awesome. In the past, 25-year-old people who were unmarried would be considered old but now the average person doesn’t get married until 27 and people often don’t have babies until they are around thirty. This gives us plenty of time for exploration and discovery.  So why not take advantage of this? Pursue a career, which is great, or have a fun adventure enjoying your youth. Either path you take will not impede your ability to be successful when you’re 60. Find out who that allusive you is and what will accomplish your personal view of success. There are resources available to help you jump into the work force or you can peruse some options for paths less taken.

Go out enjoy, explore and live your life to the fullest!

Happy exploring!


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