Quarantine Survival- Staying Social Virtually thru Games

Staying Social During Quarantine- Game Ideas

In case you have been, I guess in space would be the only place unaffected, things have changed in the past month- BIG TIME!  Due to the rampant outbreak of COVID-19, people are socially distancing; I’m assuming this is not a shocking revelation for any earth dweller.

Just because you can’t see friends doesn’t mean your interactions must stop.  Thanks to incredible modern technology, you can now connect with friends both near and far through web conferencing software such as zoom.  You can even play a lot of fun online games with friends.  This weekend instead of watching yet another movie or a mediocre show, hop on zoom with friends and play games.  A list of websites that have great games that can be played online with friends is below:

  • Skribbl.io- This game is similar to Pictionary and entails each player choosing a word and then sketching it out for the other players to guess the word.
  • Uno- you will have to download the app, but it’s easy to play online
  • Scattegories- You can set up games so they are open to anyone or so that people can only join who have the link. The game can include between 2 and 20 players.
  • Euchre, Go Fish, Remote Insensitivity (online cards against humanity), Match Up, Checkers, and Crazy Eights. You can play multiplayer for all the games and can invite friends to join your room.
  • Code Names- if you haven’t played this board game yet, I highly recommend either playing the board game or the online version. Code names is a strategy word game where the players are divided into two teams.
  • Ticket to Ride- Compete against your friends to see who can get the most points in connecting train routes across Europe or North America. The app does cost around $7 to download.
  • Bingo-  You can either play a traditional game with a virtual bingo caller, or you can create a custom bingo card and play with friends.
  • Charades- This website will provide you with words that you can use for charades. You can pick the categories of interest, and the word will appear on the screen for you to act out.
  • Mah Johng- While there a lot of Mah Johng websites, Real Mah Jong allows you to have a free 2-week trial.  The site is easy to use, and you can create private games with friends.
  • Trivia
    • Quiz Up is a virtual trivia game where you can play against your friends in real-time. https://www.quizup.com/enTriviaRandom
    • Trivia Generator creates trivia questions either with specific themes, or the category can be general. This game works great on zoom as the answer to the question only gets revealed once you click on the item. https://www.randomtriviagenerator.com/


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