Asking Questions to Help Guide Your Career Path

Regardless of age, people struggle to find their path throughout their lives. We live in a wonderfully special time where we can question ourselves and our destiny’s and truly posit, “what is my calling.”   The dichotomy of passion and responsibility play a tug of war in our career choices prolonging our internal battle.  This virtuous question was never dreamed of by our ancestors many of whom struggled with a subsistence existence.  While the power of questioning is an incredible gift it can be overwhelming and daunting.

You can either ask the questions to yourself or utilize your  network to help guide your career path.  While being vulnerable to one’s peers and perceptive to their feedback is scary it can be extremely useful.  Many people lack the ability to truly see themselves for both the good and the bad.  It is through the image of us that our friends hold that we can view our strengths and what career-course could be optimal for us.

There are links to many article’s on Path You Choose at Questions to Help You Find your Path.   The articles take different points of view on what questions to ask and of whom.  Check out the articles and find which approach resonates best with you and helps you on your journey:


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