We all are experts in something! You can get paid to answer questions and to be an “expert”.  The articles detail what it is like to be an expert, and the resources provide a lot of different websites that enable you to get paid for answering questions. The best thing, your expertise can be utilized from anywhere in the world.

Articles On Becoming A Virtual Expert

Resources For Becoming A Virtual Expert

  • Just Answer: https://www.justanswer.com
    • You can be an expert in virtually anything. You create a profile and can offer services in one of more than 175 categories.
  • 6ya: https://www.6ya.com/
    • You can be an expert in a wide variety of different areas and connect with people needing assistance over the phone. You determine when you are available for calls, but need to be able to speak either over the phone or through video during that time slot. The calls are not scheduled, but occur instantaneously when people determine they need assistance.
  • Skill Share: https://www.skillshare.com/
    • Do you have a skill that you want to share with others? Make an online class teaching others about your skill, upload the video to skill share, and you can receive money for anyone who watches the video.
  • Ether: http://www.ether.com/
    • Create a listing on Ether marketing your services and get paid when you meet with someone who consults with you on your area of expertise. You can be an expert is almost anything with Ether.
  • Clarity: https://clarity.fm/
    • You can be an “expert” in virtually any field through clarity. Set up a call rate and identify your areas of expertise to provide mentorship through the site. Someone will contact you and ask for your advice and provide three time slots that work for them. At this point you have 72 hours to respond, and if not the request expires.