If you really don’t want to be tied down to a desk job or a long-term commitment, then freelancing could be for you. Freelancing enables you to pick up jobs when you want while selecting the duration of the assignment. The articles detail what it is like to freelance and travel, and the resources provide websites specifically for freelance jobs.

Articles On How To Do Freelance Work While Traveling

Websites For Finding Freelance Work

  • Freelancer: https://www.freelancer.com/
    • Freelancer enables companies or individuals to post an array of jobs that they need completed. Freelancers can bid on the project and speak with the person posting the job. Profiles can be browsed, and bids can get competitive. The site also provides a safe way for payment to be exchanged.
  • Freelanced: https://www.freelanced.com
    • Freelanced is a social networking site for freelancers. Make a profile, provide information on what types of jobs you are looking for, and apply to any of the open positions that are posted on the site. Also, you have the ability to form connections and interact with fellow freelancers while receiving “kudos” for jobs well done.
  • Service Scape: https://www.servicescape.com
    • ServiceScape offers freelance work in editing, translating, graphic design and writing. Once you create a profile, ServiceScape will promote your work and help you find jobs. However, the earnings from projects are split between ServiceScape and the hired professional, and there is no bidding on projects.
  • Freelance Writing: https://www.freelancewriting.com/
    • Yep, you guess it, they specialize in freelance writing jobs. The search engine showcases writing jobs that are available throughout the world and gives you the ability to apply to the jobs directly from the posting.
  • Flexjobs: https://www.flexjobs.com/
    • Flexjobs screens all of the jobs prior to posting them to ensure they are professional, high-quality jobs with flexible options. They feature remote, part-time, freelance and flexible jobs. However, their services do come with a charge, but they do guarantee satisfaction.
  • SolidGigs: https://members.solidgigs.com/
    • SolidGigs produces a weekly “gig” list of freelance work by combing job boards and discovering which gigs are thought to be the best. However, membership to SolidGigs costs $19 a month. This is a useful time-saving service if you are struggling to find jobs and want to concentrate on finding adventures during your travels.
  • People Per Hour: https://www.peopleperhour.com/
    • People Per Hour allows freelancers to be hired by the hour, or by the project once their application is reviewed and approved.  It is important to note that not all applicants are approved.
  • Upwork: https://www.upwork.com
    • This is the mac daddy of freelancing job sites. Upwork connects freelancers to a myriad of different jobs. However, Upwork takes a 20% cut of what you make.
  • OneSpace: https://www.onespace.com/freelancers/
    • This is a platform that enables you to find work, as well as submit your work and get paid.

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