This job seems like the ultimate way to travel and make money! You can setup classes when you want and can teach or tutor from anywhere in the world. If you love teaching and helping children, but don’t want to live in one specific country, virtual tutoring or teaching English online could be the job for you. The icing on the cake is that you can make a pretty penny from online tutoring and teaching. The articles recall how people have made money traveling while teaching online, and the resources provide you websites to find online/virtual teaching jobs.

Articles On How To Make Money Traveling While Teaching English Online

Websites For Finding Online Teaching Jobs

  • Chegg:
    • Chegg pays tutors starting at $20 an hour and offers tutoring 24/7 through the internet. Select the subjects you want to tutor and Chegg will send students who need help in those subjects to you.
    • You can tutor as little as 5 hours per week and as many as 29 hours per week through The site offers online tutoring in a variety of different areas, providing you with ample opportunity to find a skill that you can share.
  • Take Lessons:
    • All you do is make a profile, connect with a student and then schedule your lessons. You can set your own prices and teach on your own time. Take Lessons does offer both in person and online lessons, giving you the choice to either teach in person, or through the internet.
  • Tutor Me:
    • Join the community of tutors and earn $18 an hour plus bonuses to share your knowledge with others. You can tutor from anywhere in the world and decide how often you want to work.
  • VIP Kid:
    • Through VIP Kid you earn $14-22/hour for teaching English online. They provide the lessons plans and communicate with parents. You have flexibility to set your own schedule and to work from anywhere with a computer.