There are a plethora of different jobs available that never require you to step foot into an office. So why not make India your office one month, and Croatia your office the next? Remote jobs can be high paying jobs that provide you with added flexible due to not having to work out of an office.

Articles On What It's Like To Work Remotely

Resources To Find Remote Jobs

  • We Work Remotely:
    • We work remotely allows you to find and work professional jobs from you guessed it: ANYWHERE. The search engine is slightly more difficult to use than some of the others if you are trying to do a general search. You can select one of their pre-assigned categories of remote jobs, and apply directly through the site.
  • Remotive:
    • A community for remote workers featuring tips for remote working, and access to job postings. But wait, there’s a charge. A lifetime membership costs $79, not a hefty fee, but still more than the free search engines.
  • Skip the Drive:
    • This is a free service for job seekers looking for remote work. The search engine features a plethora or remote and work from home jobs that can be searched either by category or keyword.
  • Virtual Vocations:
    • A job search site that offers jobseekers jobs openings that are either performed by telecommuting or virtual work. All of the jobs on the site are free but you do have to register with the site in order to apply for jobs.