You just received a job offer for a new job, or you are itching for a raise at your current job, have no fear as tips and tricks for negotiating more money are here!  While it can be very intimidating to ask for more money, there are ways to take the fear out of the process and increase your chance for success.  Read below to find out what you are worth and how to negotiate your salary to ensure that you get paid what you deserve.


Importance of Salary Negotiation


Tips for Negotiating Your Salary


Tools for Knowing What You Should Get Paid

    • The Pay Scale salary calculator enables you to search based on your job title, city and state and years of work experience. You can then further specify your results depending on if you are evaluating the salary at your current job, a job offer or just exploring.  The accompanying questions for each of the different categories are very detailed and do provide an excellent overview to see if you are getting paid fairly.
    • Fairy God Boss provides 10 salary calculators to make it easy to negotiate your salary to ensure you get paid what you are worth. The tools consider your title, location, experience and other valuable. The ten tools are all phenomenal and can really help you see what you should expect to make for your job.
    • Paychecks & Balances provide 7 tools for you to know your worth to prepare you successful salary negotiation or for a career change. The tools provided include: Pay Check City, ADP, Glass Door, Comparably, Smart Asset, Salary and Bank Rate. All of these tools enable you to know what companies pay for your position and to negotiate your salary effectively.


What to Say When Negotiating Your Salary


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