Time To Move?

You just graduated from college, or you're working a dead-end job, or you're just kind of feeling in a rut, so why not move? The world is big and now is your time to explore. Okay, this is a double-edged sword. Be aware that the grass is only always greener on the other side. But, moving can be great and enable you to break out of your shell and flutter those wings while learning about yourself.  The window of time after school and prior to babies (humans, not pets) is that sweet spot where can move away easy. After there are children and a spouse in the picture, moving becomes a hell of a lot more difficult.

Be aware though that if you move it is not always easy to return home. I have known way too many people who move away with the mentality of, “it’ll only a couple of years and then I’ll be back home,” only to fall in love, find a job they love and end up being a mom of two in Omaha, Nebraska. If you are going to move away from your home town do so with your eyes open and being aware of the potential risks. Not all jobs are replaceable or will let you move to a new city without taking a step back in your career path, and not all loves will want to move back to that place you call home.

If you find a job that is tantalizing and truly seems like a great opportunity then up, up and away you shall venture to that new place that will be home. But, you don’t know anyone there and don’t know where to live. The living thing is super simple and there are a lot of great resources to help you find that future home. Utilize the resources featured on pathyouchoose.com and determine where you want to live, if you want to live alone or with a rando and what type of apartment/condo/townhome you want to live.

If you are young and living in a new city it could be sweet to live in a more central location that will be close to where the action is in your new city. Look at local forums and talk to people about the cool spots in town.

Happy house hunting.


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