Should I Go To Graduate School?

While majoring in something super general such as “business administration” is awesome for undergraduate, it won’t necessarily produce the results you are wanting for graduate school. If you are going to graduate school solely because you are feeling lost and have no idea what the F you are wanting to do with your life and grad school will give you meaning; do not waste your time and money on more education. Do some soul searching, get out in the work force, have an adventure, and then through experience learn what you want to do and what you don’t want to do. Have a job, like your job, feel passionate about your career, realize graduate school is important for your ideal career trajectory and then get in debt for graduate school loans. And… your company might even help subsidize your graduate school, money saved= #WINNING.

Grad school is a waste of money if you are not going for something specific that requires a graduate degree. While you might be the most educated person in a specific area, if you have no work experience you are not going to get hired as a senior ________ in most fields.  Graduate school can certainly help to expedite your career path and to boost you towards a raise/management/leadership position, but it will not make you superior to Molly who has an undergraduate degree with five years of work experience. You will simply be working for Molly while paying off your substantial student loans at 6%+ interest.

Some fields value a graduate degree more than others. Prior to pursuing a degree: 1. Know what field you are going into and what your ideal job is. 2. Talk to people in the field to see if having a graduate degree will help you career trajectory. 3. Don’t be afraid to work while going to graduate school.

Once you have determined what job you want AND that a graduate degree will help you get there AND know what your career goals are, you need to determine what type of graduate school is best for you. There are a ton of different graduate school formats available. You can go to school fully online, attend in person (traditional full time or part time) and you can attend online with some in-person visits.  Think through your college learning experience and what will enable you to be successful in graduate school.

First determine if you should go to school right after undergraduate, think through if a graduate degree is even needed, and then discover what type of program you want to attend. If you know what you are studying, look through school rankings for the degree that you are wanting to pursue to discover what school would best fulfill your needs.

Explore, learn, grow, and determine if graduate school is right for you prior to jumping into more schooling just because the evil that you know is better than the one you don’t aka work.

Happy educating!


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