You figured out what type of job you want to apply for, but now the struggle is how to make your resume stand out. This is important to have the ability to utilize those awesome interview skills. Read the articles geared towards writing a resume and use the resources to build a resume that gets you noticed and in the door.

Writing a Resume- How to Make Your Resume Stand Out

Resume Builder Tools and Online Templates

  • Resume Genius:
    • Resume templates supplied by Resume Genius. This site supplies free downloadable resume templates for Microsoft Word. You can also take the resume template quiz to find the right template for you.
  • My Perfect Resume:
    • Free downloadable resume templates along with a resume builder option from My Perfect Resume.
    • features a resume builder along with downloadable template options. You pick your favorite template, enter your details and then you can save, print and download your resume.

Do I need to write a cover letter?

  • Don’t be silly, you definitely need to write a cover letter


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